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Your Chances are Running thin!! [05 Jun 2006|11:56am]
The Phoenix of New Orleans began after Hurricane Katrina, born from the damage and neglect of an obscure, historically poor downtown neighborhood called TulaneGravier; the Phoenix of New Orleans was set-up to be both a neighborhood association and a self-determined sustainable development organization that would plow ahead and rebuild the area and help meet the needs of its neighbors.
This is an interactive organization, with critical contributions from donors in both money and ideas. Volunteers are the labor we need to effectively rebuild better than before.

If you’d like to volunteer with us, we can offer you two options.

a) 3-months summer term volunteering in July,
August, September, October (must serve 12 consecutive weeks)
through AmeriCorps including a modest living
allowance of $2650 and an education
award of $1181.
The Phoenix of New Orleans BY JUNE 15th.

c) 1-4 week short term volunteering you can sign up for
anytime, but at least 3 weeks prior to start of work -
this is not an Americorps program.

2. Can you arrange your own housing in New Orleans?
We offer a housing solution for $50 / week to both our summer-term AmeriCorps volunteers and our short-term volunteers (for details see attached document).

3. Do you bring any skill that you would like to apply
while volunteering with us? Do you have any allergies or physical impairments that would exclude specific tasks? If so, please let us know in brief.

If you’d like to sign up as a volunteer or if you have questions, please feel free to send an email to director@pnola.org, attn. of Yasmin Aksu who is in
charge of our volunteer corps.
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PAIN!!! [19 May 2006|04:07pm]
Hey! Well, i woke up this morning at 7am to go pee and get ready, when i felt this SHARP pain in my tummy and in my back. So Michael rushed me to the hospital, as I screamed the whole time there, I felt as if some1 was stabbing me over and over. When i got to the hospital i went straight to the bathroom and started vomiting. I got back to the check in desk and they rushed me into a room and were running like chickens with their heads cut off. I was SCREAMING in pain, still when they came in and took some blood and gave me pain meds in the IV. They gave me 6 x~rays and 2 cat scans. Come to find out... I have Kidney Stones. I hate this, please pray that I get better!!!


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Coming Home! [10 May 2006|04:35pm]
Hey everybody! I can't wait till july, im coming home for 2 weeks! Ill be flying in on July 26th and leaving August 11th. I have to be home for July 27th, thats my moms birthday, then mine is August 10th!! You just dont know how excited I am! I mean, I like it down here, but there is no place like home and I really hate some of the people I work with. We have this German girl here until July 1st and the bitch had the nerve to grab my hand today. I told her i will kick her ass all the way back to Germany if she didnt fucking stop!! Well, thats my update! Comments MORE THAN WELCOME!!

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Volunteers Needed... [05 May 2006|12:56pm]
The neighborhood consists of 100 blocks. We need a 20 block managers that will oversee the rebuilding and recovery effort of 5+ blocks each.

We are working with Americorps to enroll these block managers in paid positions. Block managers must work 10-12 months in New Orleans and be dedicated to PNOLA and associated work projects. Deadline for application is May 17th.

Please respond if you are interested in this paid position. The salary is $10,000+ salary with solid benefits. We would provide housing at a minimal cost if you need to move to New Orleans.

If you are interested in volunteering one or two weeks, please register online before or after emailing PNOLA. Teams will be forming for week by week tasks.

Stations will be set up in the center of each major block area and volunteers will be responsible to follow the managers direction and help coordinate any incoming work orders, volunteer groups, and help update spending reports, activity reports, pictures, video, stories and more to the website in order to keep donors and the public interactively involved in the rebuilding progress.

Physical work projects involve gutting, cleaning, repairing fencing, clearing open space, painting, planting, landscaping, moving supplies and equipment etc.

Each team of volunteers will consist of 4-6 persons staying in the same housing arrangement for a minimal cost of $50 per week per volunteer. The team will work together and with other teams on projects throughout the week.


time availablity is important during the week and weekends. Comfortable with database entry and managing acitivites around them.

No carpentry skills required but could be useful.

Volunteers will help clean and maintain a good working environment for contractors.
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[13 Feb 2006|11:50pm]
Ok, yeah so I'm back!
And I'm actually gonna be using this alot more than I have been!
Looking for new friends, So I need to do a friends cut, and join some communities!
Well, Me and Michael are doing Great! He's the best!
Working at Clairs, bleh, exciting huh!?!?
Well, more of an update later, gonna redo my info page!
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YES!!!! [23 Dec 2005|01:51am]
[ mood | grateful ]

OMG! It was wonderful. Michael asked me to marry him and i said yes. This is the best day ever! My ring is white gold with 3 quater diamonds in it. WOW... ME GETTING MARRIED... I NEVER WOULD HAVE THOUGHT! I will post pics of the ring soon!

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Why?! [01 Dec 2005|02:51pm]
[ mood | sick ]

So, i got my cell phone turned back on and michael flipped out. He thinks that I am talking to somebody else. But i told him not to worry bout me. I should be worrying about him, he is the one working with his ex girlfriend. We got in a fight this morning, then he took my car to work. So now im stuck here trying to find a ride, cause i cant drive a stick! AAHH!!! Why is everything always so stressfull this time of year. Now its snowing, i hate the damn snow! I just keep praying things will get better cause we both love eachother beyond words... but lately, it hasn't been showing. Somebody... plz give me some advice!

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:( [28 Nov 2005|11:40pm]
[ mood | drained ]

Well, im working both jobs still. Sweet and Great Steak And Potato. Michael is no longer working at the car lot... He is back at Lonestar. I don't really like the idea, But i know that it will be better money! Kristin works there, that is my only thing. But Michael told all of them tonight when we were there that him amd i were getting married! LOL! Well, bed time!

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No no drama, you dont want no drama! [22 Nov 2005|02:19pm]
Well... Everything has been fine with michael and i but everything else is DRAMA!
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[06 Nov 2005|01:38am]
[ mood | cheerful ]


We both woke up this morning and went to work. He then came and picked me up from work. We came home and as I was getting ready, Michelle called me, so Michael and I went and hung out with her and her hubby Brian tonight. We went to the Cincinnati Mills mall and ate, then walked it off. Brian, Michelle, and their two kids, Brianna,2 and Carson,4 months, came back to my apartment. Michael went in the bedroom and fell asleep while the rest of us sat in the living room laughing at all the messes Brianna was making. She got in a bag of my chips and dumped them all over my living room floor and amashed them into the carpet, then brought my cats food into the living room and dumped it out, then brought water and dumped it on the cat food, by the way, you can vaccum wet cat food, let alone pick it out of the carpet. I havent laughed that hard in a long time.

Last night Michael and I went and got our Christmas tree. He bought me an awesome flat iron for my hair. It will iron it wet or dry. We then went and ate at Ryan's. 2 nights ago, we went and seen "The Fog," it was really good, i thought it was gonna be shitty and stupid!

Well, imma go kiddos, i gotta try to wake michael up for a little, well... Ya know!!


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Lol... I love what Nik's says! [04 Nov 2005|05:25pm]
krazyspacey05's Halloween party:

acid_christ dressed as a data entry overseer.
acid_christ dressed as a outfielder for the Astros.
drownmeinnocent dressed as Andrew Jackson.
heartbroken2006 dressed as the Horny Power Ranger.
imnluvwitbri dressed as Moaning Myrtle.
oneandonly4u06 dressed as a new superhero: Silent Dragon.
slickidiot dressed as the President of Zimbabwe.
thedisease dressed as a conductor.
wodafometsys dressed as Dick Cheney.
xxsporkpixiexx dressed as your brother.

Throw your own party at the Hallomeme!
Created with phpNonsense
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[26 Oct 2005|10:14pm]
Your Sexy Halloween Costume Is
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Haha! [26 Oct 2005|10:03pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Sorry for the lack of updates everybody, i have been working constantly. Michael and I are doing good. I was at Mics tonight, a local bar, (where everybody knows your name,) when i saw kristin. Kelly and I went there to pick up a pizza and so i could see all my friends. She started saying that her and Michael had sex when we broke up, that pissed me off, so i pushed her and she started pulling my hair, if anybody knows me, i hate it when ppl pull my hair. Dave and Boris had to pull us apart. She started running her cock sucker again, so i went after her again and pushed her out the door. I started hitting her (now my hands hurt)then her stupid fat, ugly, ogar looking boyfriend kicked me. I was so pissed i spit in his face. He helped her up and they got in his car and left. All my friends were like WOW! I cant believe staci just did that, but i can take only so much before i will go off. Michael still has no idea what happened and i tend to keep it that way. But, Michael however did manage to get me a kitten. Her name is "Padamae" like the chick of star wars, dont ask. But, im going to go, im headed to steak and shake w/ nikki! Come see me at work sometime ppl!

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[11 Oct 2005|03:42pm]
Michelle, i need you to do something for me! Im goin to get a new lj...! I need you to do the backround thing for me! Ill add ya once i get it! By the way every1 its going to be krazypixie! I think.. i will let ya know!
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[10 Oct 2005|06:55pm]
My name is Michelle. I'm a survivor of sexual violence.
No Pity. No Shame. No Silence.

Post this in your LJ if you are a survivor
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[08 Oct 2005|09:20pm]
[ mood | cold ]

Its been ok the past couple days, although michael and i got in a big fight! But we are ok now and Nikki is on her way over so we can have "movie" night! Well.. Ill update later, i have to make dinner!

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[05 Oct 2005|01:47pm]
hit it up on aim... emopunkchick4u
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[05 Oct 2005|01:41pm]
I just figured i would update before i go to work... BLAH!! Come see me bitches, i work 4-9. Great steak in the towne mall!! <333
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[04 Oct 2005|12:22am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Today was an ok day. I got woke up by michael kissing me bye before he went to work, then right after he walked out the door my boss called me and asked me to work for her cause she was sick. So, i ended up working 9-5 today, instead of 1-9. I was so happy that I did that cause when Michael got home we went to my grandma's and visited her for about an hour and a half. I guess on Friday night they had to take my grandpa to the hospital. He has congestive heart failure. They had to take the fluid from around his heart. I wanted to see him but he owns a lodge and they had a meeting tonight. We came back home and Nikki came over and helped me dye my hair, it was dark brown with blonde highlights, but now it is a strawberry blonde color, michael wants me to go blonde. So i guess that my day was fine. But Michael is bout to fall asleep so i guess i'm going to join him, my pillow is calling my name! I will have to post recent pics!! G~nite!! <333

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AHAH BLAH BLAH!! [01 Oct 2005|10:39pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

Well, today was an ok day. Kristin came into work and i asked her why she was talking shit about me, well, i guess you could say that i yelled at her, cause cody works at subway and he heard it. But, we got all that shit settled. Then this dumbass guy came in and yelled at me. Now i'm sitting at home, Nikki just left and Michael is passed out in the living room on our couch. I feel and look like death. I thought i was tierd, so i went and layed with Michael but i couldn't sleep. I'm just not in a good mood, but i'm not in a bad mood. I just don't know what i'm feeling. I want so much from Michael, but he can give me the attention that i need cause he wakes up and goes to work at 9. I wake up at 11 and go to class then head to work. He gets off at 6, comes home and watches tv. I come home at 9, we usually go get something to eat or go get ice cream or something. We then come home and go to bed, it is the same thing everyday. I usually look forward to Sunday's cause we both have that day off. I know that he loves me, but sometimes i think he doesn't. It might just be because we never see each other and the only time we do is late at night. I wanna be happy, but it's hard. It feels like i have no friends cause i never have time to talk or hang out with them anymore. Well, what friends i have since i seemed to lose them when i was with brian cause i wasn't allowed to hang out with them. I'm not trying to make it sound like I have a bad life, cause i don't. I am just always so busy, that it makes me feel that my life sucks. I mean, going to Meijer at 2 in the morning 5 days a week gets old. I think that I just need to get out of Middletucky, We have a mall, walmart Meijer, and a bowling alley. I need some place that offers me more then the same thing that I have had for the past 18 years of my life! I want to move somewhere nice, Michael and I was talking about Michigan. But i could never leave my family so i guess that i am stuck in this shit hole forever!! And i sure as hell do not want to work at the towne mall for the rest of my life!! I want to have kids and show them more then what i have been shown. But, i'm going to stop bitching now, for some reason i'm crying. Oh well life goes on...

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